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Photo #1
Chicago (Morgan Park)
@ Chicago (Hubbard) & Rock Island (Alleman)@Rock Island (H.S.)

Year in and year out there are two things we really appreciate here at IHSFW, a great band & a great stadium. Morgan park's band is one of the best in the state, if you haven't heard them play the theme from Sports Center you haven't felt the intensity that is high school football. Rock Island's Almquist Field, isn't the complete bowl stadium that it once was, but this beautiful horse shoe throw back to the days of leather helmets & little padding is one of the best places to see a game in Illinois, including college stadiums.

Photo #2
Woodstock (Marian) @Addison (Driscoll)

The air attack of Driscoll helped the Highlanders win a sound game. Johnny Tranchitella played a big part as he made some great reception or dived trying.

Photo #3
Rock Island (Alleman)@Rock Island (H.S.)

The Rocks held up Allmen just inches from the end zone on this play.

Photo #4
Rock Island (Alleman)@Rock Island (H.S.)

Hank Belshause flips over a Rocks defender on his way into their end zone for this score just a few plays later.

Photo #5
Chicago (Morgan Park) @ Chicago (Hubbard)

Hubbard's all-state linebacker Chris Patterson puts the finishing touches on a Greyhound tackle.

Photo #6
Chicago (Morgan Park) @ Chicago (Hubbard)
Morgan Park's head coach Lexie Spurlock got a little worked up after a play.

Photo #7
Woodstock (Marian) @Addison (Driscoll)
Sophomore standout Kyle Jenkins lunges for a sack.

Photo #8
Chicago (Morgan Park) @ Chicago (Hubbard)
Morgan Park's defense was in the Greyhound backfield all game, as the Mustangs recorded a state record, holding Hubbard to -60 yards in a single game.

Photo #9
Rock Island (Alleman)@Rock Island (H.S.)
Calvin Krakliow tries to break loose as a group of Allmen defenders pull on his jersey.

Photo #10
Woodstock (Marian) @Addison (Driscoll)
The Highlander defense surround a Woodstock ball carrier on this play like the chocolate on an Oreo cookie.


Big Block of the week

Woodstock (Marian) @Addison (Driscoll)

Runningback Ryan Lesniak stands up a Marian defenseman with this nice shoulder block.


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