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Get selected for "The NFL High School Coaching Summit" (2/15/2005)

How does spending the 1st week of August at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio for a coaching clinic with with some of the NFL's greatest player sound? How does it sound if you knew it was an all expense paid trip provided by the NFL?

This August 4-7 the NFL will be holding it's annual "High School Coaches Summit". The annual event which is entering it's 5th year, will feature 3 days of clinics, educational seminars and roundtable discussions led by NFL greats.

The summit which was started in 2001, selects a high school coach from each state and the District of Columbia, to attend this event from a list of nominees, which the NFL completely pays for.

Any active coach can be nominated by anyone and can also nominate themselves at the NFL's High School web site (click here). The deadline is February 23rd, 2005. The NFL will announce the selected coaches in the Spring.

The NFL will have "delegates" representing every state in the U.S. participate in the Coaching Summit. The 50 state delegates will be selected by a blue ribbon panel based on internet essay submissions on outlining coaching career, commitment to youth, and philosophies on coaching high school football.

Illinois' representative for the 2004 Summit was Al Scott from Simeon High School in Chicago.





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