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Pecatonica Set's National Mark for Points Scored in a Half (10/4/2005)

While we were a little slow to catch this national record, mainly due to the fact that we were unaware that records were kept on this sort of feat, it's come to our attention that Pecatonica has set the national record for points scored in a half.

The Indians of Pecatonica, who in their first game of the 2005 season cut loose on Kirkland (Hiawatha) 88-0. This game was called at the half, with the victory obviously going to the Indians. While we were aware that the record tied for 5th on the state's book for points scored in the modern era (since 1950), there is no record for points scored in a half.

A recent review of the National Federation of High Schools record book indicated that they have kept track of scoring by the half and that as of the 2004 season the record was held by Page HS of Arizona, with 84 points scored against Monument Valley , AZ. in 1974.

By Vincent Johnson






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