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Sing, Sing, Sing!

Just like the chorus line from the current rock song, I suggest that we sing. Sing the National Anthem that is.

Tonight and tomorrow all across this great nation we will forge on in the celebration of compition we know as high school football. My Suggestion is for those of you who don't already sing the National Anthem as it's being played over the announcement speakers. And let's not stop here, why not all season, why not for the rest of our lifes?

In what has become an even far worse tragedy than Pearl Harbor a new generation of Americas are discovering the pride and love our grandparents or parents had towards the Stars & Stripes and this country in general.

People everywhere agree that America will never be the same after this. I for one am not about to think this means it will be worse. For the first time ever I think the majority of citizens in this country are color blind. No longer seeing black & white, Hispanic or Anglo-Saxon, but as Americans. I can only hope that this continues long after we clean up the remains. I know the next time I'm asked my nationality my response will not be the typical German, Swedish answer that I have always give, but will be American from this day forward.

So once again I suggest to you all that this moment we shall never forget, should always be remembered when you here the national anthem, not just at football games, but any event in which they play the song about the flag that flies over the country we love so much. Sing. Sing out loud. Sing so more than the person next to you can here and don't ever be ashamed to sing it out loud.

Just sing.

Vincent Johnson
































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