2007 Schedule

8/25 1:00 H
8/31 7:30 @
Aurora (A. Christian)
9/7 7:30 H
*Aurora (Central Catholic)
9/14 7:30 H
* Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception)
9/21 7:30 @
*Woodstock (Marian)
9/28 7:30 @
*Addison (Driscoll)
10/5 7:30 H
*Wheaton (St. Francis)
10/13 1:00 @
*Lombard (Montini)
10/19 7:30 H
*Aurora (Marmion Academy)

### football enrollment
Stadium Directions

The St. Edwards HS Booster Club needs your support. The boosters along with the athletic department want to promote nightly sporting events under permanent lights on St. Eds football/soccer field. If you are in favor of this idea can you please do the following.

Please copy the follow text in an email

To: Mr. John Walters

I am in favor of St. Edwards high school petition 46-07 to install permanent lights around the football/soccer field located east of the main school. I would like your vote of YES on  September 26, 2007 to this petition.

Sincerely, Your name
and if you’re an Elgin resident please state so (i.e. Resident of Elgin xx years)

Then copy/paste the City Of Elgin councilman and Mayor email address in TO:
Mr. John Walters:  walters_j@cityofelgin.org
Mr. Robert Gilliam:  gilliam_r@cityofelgin.org
Mr. David Kaptain:  kaptain_d@cityofelgin.org
Mr. Michael Powers:  powers_m@cityofelgin.org
Mr. Juan Figueroa:  figueroa_j@cityofelgin.org
Mr. F. John Steffen:  steffen_j@cityofelgin.org
Mr. Mayor Edward Schock:  mayor@cityofelgin.org   or call  847-931-5595

The council meeting will be held Sept 26, 2007 @ 7pm location City of Elgin, 150 Dexter Ct   Elgin, IL 60120-5555.  Frank Celarek is on the agenda to present the permanent light petition. If you have time Wednesday and can attend this meeting please plan arriving 6:50PM and give Frank your support.

Thank you, and remember every email or phone call to Mr. Schock helps.

Coach Ro

2007 Team Preview;
Greenwave Brings Back Everything but the Kitchen Sink

by Vincent Johnson

St. Edward's head coach Mike Rolando, times his players during the first day of football Aug. 8th. Rolando feels pretty confident that the 2007 season won't resemble the past two years.

Sound Byte with
St. Edward's head coach Mike Rolando
"Who's the team to beat in the Suburban Catholic ?"


It would surely be easier for head coach Mike Rolando to go down the list of the positions he needed to fill this year than the ones that have returning starters as the Greenwave brings back 20 out of 22 starters.

“Our line is all juniors with a couple of sophomores. We’ve got youth, but they’re juniors with a couple years of experience.” Rolando says referring to his team that is recovering from an exodus of players two season ago. (Look for our story on St. Edward’s situation in week two).

Beside a lot of experience returning on the line, coach Rolando is excited about a couple of his other players as well. Matt Ardiente a third year starter at running back. Will be looking to add on to his 500 yards from last year.

“He’s fast as lightning.” Rolando says about Ardiente, who’s also one of the linebackers, will be seeing more time at wing back, a position Rolando feels is more natural for a small elusive player like him.

Two other third year starters are junior Moises Quiroga (RB/MLB) who had 600 yards last year and junior Ryan Gilbert at QB. Who Rolando feels has really matured and turned into the leader they needed him to be.

Gilbert will be looking to hit Cory Diaz (WR jr.) the team’s leading receiver last year. Being the team’s main receiving threat last year, Diaz seen plenty of double coverage.
Jimmy Mathisen (LB/RB) a transferred from Larkin, that was on the St. Ed’s feeder team, sat all last year and looks to alleviate some of the pressure on Diaz. “Now to have multiple ids that are skilled players, difference makers is huge for us.” Rolando says.

Shane Finnane will most likely be the standout on the line that Rolando was talking about. A sophomore center, Finnane went to a freshman combine over the summer and won the strongest man in the country for the underclassmen combine. Rolando says he’s most likely the strongest kid on the team as well. He also added that this season has been different from the two previous years, as the kids seriously it the weight room over the summer.

But Rolando isn’t fooling himself; he knows the Greenwave has gone 0-18 since he has been there. Rolando, who is a tough competitor, says the biggest key to this season will be the first game against Hampshire. “Getting a win and building on the confidence from there. I think a team can totally change their attitude, their style of play and their dedication when they get a win under their belt.”

At the same time Rolando doesn’t discount his team’s chances in the incredibly tough Suburban Catholic Conference. When asked who’s the team in the conference to beat this year “All of them.” Is the answer without hesitation.

Coach Ro as he’s often referred to by his players points out the most likely front runners, Driscoll, Montini & Marian Central, but doesn’t stop there. “It could be a Marmion, it could be anybody. St Francis has a new coach. Who knows what they can do. It could be us. You never know.”



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2006 Schedule

8/25 7:00 @
Hampshire 561.00
9/2 1:00 H
Aurora (A. Christian) 511.50
9/9 1:00 @
*Addison (Driscoll) 747.45
9/15 7:30 @
*Aurora (Central Catholic) 694.65
9/23 1:00 H
*Lombard (Montini) 1123.65
9/30 1:00 @
*Aurora (Marmion Academy) 1590.60
10/6 7:30 H
*Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception) 336.60
10/14 1:00 H
*Wheaton (St. Francis) 1240.80
10/20 7:30 @
*Woodstock (Marian) 1194.60

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:30 H
Hampshire 538.00
9/3 1:00 @
Rockford (Christian Life) 337.00
9/10 1:00 H
*Addison (Driscoll) 441.00
9/17 1:00 H
*Aurora (Central Catholic) 409.00
9/23 7:30 @
*Lombard (Montini) 1082.40
9/30 7:30 H
*Aurora (Marmion Academy) 1518.00
10/8 1:00 @
*Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception) 213.00
10/14 7:30 @
*Wheaton (St. Francis) 1206.15
@ Benedictine Univ.
10/22 1:00 H
*Woodstock (Marian) 1161.60

2004 Schedule

8/27 7:30 @
Hampshire 492
9/3 7:30 H
Rockford (Christian Life) 351
9/11 1:00 H *
Woodstock (Marian) 730
9/18 1:00 @ *
Addison (Driscoll) 463
9/25 1:00 H *
Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception) 225
10/2 1:00 @ *
Lombard (Montini) 634
10/8 7:30 H *
Aurora (Central Catholic) 403
10/16 1:00 @ *
Aurora (Marmion Academy) 924
10/23 1:00 H *
Wheaton (St. Francis) 724

2003 Schedule

8/29 5:30 H
Hampshire 471
9/6 1:00 @
Rockford (Christian Life) 405
9/12 7:30 @ *
Woodstock (Marian) 734
9/20 1:00 H *
Addison (Driscoll) 465
9/27 1:00 @ *
Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception) 260
10/3 7:30 H *
Lombard (Montini) 693
10/10 7:45 @ *
Aurora (Central Catholic) 401
10/18 1:00 H *
Aurora (Marmion Academy) 916
10/25 1:00 @ *
Wheaton (St. Francis) 715

2002 Schedule

8/30 7:00 @
Hampshire 439
9/6 7:30 H
Rockford (Christian Life) 386
9/14 1:00 H *
Woodstock (Marian) 763
9/21 1:00 @ *
Lombard (Montini) 679
9/28 1:00 H *
Aurora (Central Catholic) 382
10/5 1:00 @ *
Wheaton (St. Francis) 689
10/12 1:00 H *
Elmhurst (Immaculate
10/19 1:00 @ *
Addison (Driscoll) 469
10/26 1:00 H *
Aurora (Marmion Academy) 920
#### - Enrollment
*Conference Game

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