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The Best of the Photos of the Week

Over the past three years has gone from a fledgling little site. Bringing in just over 500 hits a month to our home page when we started out, to 12,000 a month during the season of 2001. One of the things that has attracted web surfers from as far away as Canada or Australia is the great photos that accompany the game recaps.

In an effort to celebrate the recap of our last three years we've put together a collection of our favorite photographs. Some are great action shots, some are moments of victory or defeat and others may just have a behind the scenes story that make them a personal favorite of ours. Whatever the case we hope you enjoy the show and return again & again as we continue to provide the only statewide coverage of high school football for Illinois.

Check out the last page for details on how to win a 11"x14" print of your favorite image.

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