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2004 Photos of the Week
Week #13

Week #12 / Week #14
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Photo #1
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Herrin's Andrew Anderson (31) tries to shake off a Montini defender.

Photo #2
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Montini's Joey Borsellino (32) puts a pop on Herrin's Taylor Perry (7), jarring the ball loose.

Photo #3
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Perry (7) scambles away as a Montini defenseman grabs onto his jersey.

Photo #4
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Ben Murphy (21) of Montini, skys over a Herrin defender do bring down the ball.

Photo #5
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Wide out Matt Neustadt (21) hauls in a pass around mid field.

Photo #6
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Montini's Joe Davis (50) takes one on the chin as he tackles Herrin'sKyle Walker (15).

Photo #7
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Kyle Walker uses the stiff arm on a Montini defender.

Photo #8
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Taylor Perry drags a Montini defender.

Photo #9
Herrin v.Lombard (Montini)

Photo #10
Herrin vs.Lombard (Montini)

Marty Hyland of Montini chases down an unsuspecting Taylor Perry.


Big Block of the Week

Matt Vokaty (56) looks like he's putting everything he has into this block.

Penalty of the Week

Is there a 10 yard penalty for a half nelson?





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