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South Seven


2002 South Seven All-Conference Team

1st Team Offense
QB: Brian Hampton (Althoff)
RB: Darielle Rockett (Cahokia)
RB: Al Bazile (Althoff)
RB: Chris Dalton (Marion)
WR: Greg Jones (Althoff)
WR: Drew Milwood (Mt. Vernon)
OL: Rick Stanley (Mt. Vernon)
OL: Ryan Bennett (Mt. Vernon)
OL: David Padgett (Althoff)
OL: Perrin Bell (Althoff)
OL: Dan Fahrner (Althoff)
Special Teams/Returns: Anthony Lash (Mt. Vernon)
Kicker: Mike Petrone (Carbondale)

1st Team Defense
DL: Adam Robinson (Mt. Vernon)
DL: Travion Reynolds (Cahokia)
DL: Joe Wagner (Althoff)
DL: Andy Schmitz (Althoff)
LB: Michael Doogan (Mt. Vernon)
LB: Joe Schifferdecker (Althoff)
LB: Larry Hines (Althoff)
LB: Dan Poelker (Althoff)
DB: Drew Milwood (Mt. Vernon)
DB: Victor Scott (Cahokia)
DB: Matt Lauber (Althoff)
DB: Kenny Nance (Althoff)
Punter: Neil Beatty (Mt. Vernon)














Conference Teams

Belleville (Althoff)
Marion (H.S.)
Mt. Vernon

Past Champions

2001Belleville (Althoff)








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