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T-Shirt Winners

It's now halfway through the high school football season and we know who's looking to go to the playoffs and who's looking to start the basketball season. We also know who's going to be sporting a new T-shirt.

Below are the list of winner of the "Holla Back, Win a T-Shirt" Contest.


7. Jake Calhoun, aTolono (Unity)grad who lives in california, said he'd wear the shirt to the high games in his area. His area includes national powerhouses Mission Viejo HS, Long Beach Poly & Concord's Mater Dei HS.

6. Paul Miller, a Westville grad, said he'd wear the shirt around Raleigh-Durham, NC where he lives now to let everyone know about high school football in Illinois.

5. Brain Cooper, aBeardstown's grad, told us he'd display the 2XL T-shirt when he made the trip up to the Bears game, where he has season tickets.

4. B.J. Fessant, of Paris , said he'd have the shirt on while he was doing play-by-play on 98.5 WACF for all the Paris Tiger's games or on Sunday when he does a talk show with local coaches on 1440 WPRS.

3. Matt Johnson ofLansing (Thornton Fractional South), said "That shirt is tight!" (that's cool for all you older people), and that he'd be rockin' out the shirt at practice and at games under his jersey.

2. Cody Mullins of Robinson , told us he'd wear the shirt everywhere, school, practice, dances & other sporting events "when it's clean". We hope Cody knows how to do laundry and will let us know how it looks with a tux at prom.

1. Shay Hughes had one of our favorite submissions. He said he'd wear the shirt to his sister's wedding. Hopefully he's not standing up as a groomsman.






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