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Letter from the Editor
Each week's Editor-in-Chief Vincent Johnson will be bringing his thoughts on topics & events in the world of high school football to this page. Read what he has to say, then feel free to chime in on the message board to give your own thoughts.

Holla Back - Win a T-Shirt (8/23/05)

I believe it was around April or May when I first started to get that chill up my spine, that feeling of anticipation for something that is still in the distant future. It was a mean chill, the kind that gives you goose bumps in that “I’m so embarrassed kind of way”. And it was screaming at me. HOLLA BACK GIRL!


Yes, that oh so popular Gwen Stefanni was on Saturday Night Live with her cheerleading band mates & a full on marching band doing her hit song “Holla Back Girl”

Now, I had heard the song before, and it always made me cringe. But, what I soon realized was that come August, half the cheerleaders, dance squads & pom pon girls in the state would have a routine to this song. I was terrified, I thought about shutting down the site, before I would have to endure countless halftime numbers to this song.

Needless to say the pain of the song has gone away. It’s actually starting to grow on me. And by far it’s a much better song than 50 cent’s “Just a lil’ Bit”. Which I can guarantee I won’t hear at all unless a dance coach is trying to lose her job.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, the song is still bad pop music at best, lyrically (the beat laid down by the Neptunes is solid though).

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But, it was something about that live performance that got me thinking as well. She’s got a marching band. Marching bands also play at football games. Marching bands don’t sing at football games. Hence, no awful lyrics to hear, just that fantastic beat.

Now fast forward to week one of the football season here in Illinois and the colossal matchup ofChicago (Mt. Carmel)vs.Chicago (Morgan Park) . Both of these teams have been at the top of our "Big 30" over the last couple of years and then some, but being a football site and all, we never really give props to some of the other people involved in making a game great.

So I just have to give a little shout out to theChicago (Morgan Park) Mustangs Marching Band, always one of my favorite bands to see year in & year out. I would have never thought the theme song from ESPN’s Sports Center would be exciting till I heard it played by these boys & girls.

While, I’m not sure if they’ll be playing “Holla Back” at this first game at Solider Field. I’d look forward to hearing it from them, before some dance squad makes me run for the concession stand at half time.

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Vincent D. Johnson

The Marhcing Mustangs, from 2001.





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