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2007 Schedule

8/24 7:30 H
Gurnee (Warren)
8/31 8:00 @
Chicago (St. Patrick)
@ Hanson Stadium
9/7 7:30 @
9/14 7:30 H
Skokie (Niles North)
9/20 7:30 H
*Skokie (Niles West)
9/29 1:30 @
*Evanston (Twp.)
10/5 7:30 H
*Waukegan (H.S.)
10/12 7:30 H
*Park Ridge (Maine South)
10/19 7:30 @
*Glenview (Glenbrook South)

#### - Enrollment
*Conference Game
Stadium Direction

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

Week #1 vs.Wilmette (Loyola Academy)0-2

Last Second Scare

Wimette (Sach Stadium) - In Week 1 New Trier lost a heartbreaker to Warren when they lost on a 4th quarter tipped pass deflection for a touchdown to give Warren a close victory. So, when Loyola was driving in the waning seconds of the game today with New Trier holding a 3 point lead, New Trier players were just hoping they would win the game this time.

As it turned out the desperate heave towards the end zone by Loyola Quarterback Coleman McDounough was intercepted by New Trier Defensive Back Andrew Deloach to seal the victory for New Trier.

Before the game even begun the setting was set for an exciting game. Many of the fans from these North Shore rivals were pumped up before the game even began. The first wave of the New Trier student fans literally ran and screamed into the student section as soon as they entered Loyola's Hoerster Field. The Loyola Marching band could be heard practicing outside. Conversations of "we want to beat Loyola just like we did in the basket playoffs." we're being discussed. The pre-game atmosphere can be described as electric.

The game did live up to it's hype. The game started by a 74 yard opening drive touchdown by New Trier. New Trier Junior running back Richard Spellman capped off the drive with a 6 yard touchdown run to put New Trier ahead 7-0. Spellman scored again on a 26 yard touchdown run with 3:31 left in the first half made the score 14-0. All the momentum seemed to be going New Trier's way nearing the end of the first half. That was, until Loyola scored it's first points after a 17 yd touchdown pass by Coleman McDonough to Receiver Joseph Stoner with 17 seconds left in the half to make the score 14-7 New Trier.

New Trier was first to strike in the third quarter on a 6 yard touchdown pass by New Trier quarterback Patch Duda to receiver Cory Norris. That touchdown put New Trier ahead 21-7. Loyola struck back to bring them within a touchdown after a 52 yard touchdown run by running back Connor Detjen with 3:15 left in the 3rd quarter. Then another big play- this time a 50 yard bomb from McDounough to Loyola receiver Timothy Harvey with about 2 minutes left in the game tied the score at 21 a piece.

The deadlock was finally broken after a 27 yard field goal by New Trier kicker David Atkins with 67 seconds left in the game to end the scoring and win the game for New Trier.

This victory made a statement that New Trier will compete with Maine South his year for the Central Suburban League South title. As for Loyola, they will be lucky to escape their tough Catholic League conference games with more than 1 or 2 victories.

by Neil Hernandez
IHSFW.com correspondent

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Runner up
1982 6A,

1982 6A,

Conference Champs
Central Suburban (South)
2000, 1999, 1998, 1996

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Central Suburban (South)


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Dan Mortier

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-Clay Matthews (197?)
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2006 Schedule

8/25 7:30 @
Gurnee (Warren) 3931.00
9/1 7:30 H
Chicago (St. Patrick) 3349.50
9/8 7:30 H
Park Ridge (Maine East) 2113.00
9/15 7:30 @
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 2143.00
9/21 7:30 H
*Evanston (Twp.) 3242.00
9/30 1:30 @
*Waukegan (H.S.) 3925.00
10/7 1:30 @
*Park Ridge (Maine South) 2586.00
10/13 7:30 H
*Glenview (Glenbrook South) 2683.00
10/20 7:30 @
*Skokie (Niles West) 2533.00

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:30 H
Gurnee (Warren) 3973.00
9/3 1:30 @
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 3403.95
9/9 7:30 @
Park Ridge (Maine East) 2208.00
9/16 7:30 H
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 2102.00
9/24 1:30 @
*Evanston (Twp.) 3179.00
9/30 7:30 H
*Waukegan 3901.00
10/7 7:30 H
*Park Ridge (Maine South) 2604.00
10/15 1:30 @
*Glenview (Glenbrook South) 2676.00
10/21 7:30 H
*Skokie (Niles West) 2533.00

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