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Week 14

Last Week

Photo orders

Best of the 1A State Finals
LeRoy vs.

(all of the 1A Finals)

Best of the 2A State Finals
Gilman (Iroquois West)vs.

(all of the 2A Finals)

Best of the 3A State Finals
Stillman Valleyvs.Wilmington

(all of the 3A Finals)

Best of the 4A State Finals
Fairbury (Prairie Central) vs.Addison (Driscoll)

(all of the 4A Finals)

Best of the 5A State Finals
Springfield (S.H.G.) vs.
Joliet (Catholic)

(all of the 5A Finals)

Best of the 6A State Finals
Mundelein (Carmel)vs.Bloomington (HS)

(all of the 6A Finals)

Best of the 7A State Finals
Oswego (HS)vs.

(all of the 7A Finals)

Best of the 8A State Finals
Park Ridge (Maine South)vs.Lockport (Twp.)

(all of the 8A Finals)



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