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2007 Schedule

8/24 7:00 H
Chatham (Glenwood)
8/31 7:00 @
9/7 7:00 @
Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
9/14 7:00 @
*Waterloo (H.S.)
9/21 7:00 H
*Jerseyville (Jersey)
9/28 7:00 @
10/5 7:00 H
10/12 7:00 H
*Bethalto (Civic Memorial)
10/19 7:00 @
Belleville (Althoff)

#### - Enrollment
*Conference Game
Stadium Direction

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Tri 0 7 0 7 14
Jer 7 14 27 0 48

Week #7 Triad @ Jersey Community


Knights Put Scare Into Jersey, Until 3rd Quarter


Jerseyville (Synders Sports Complex) - Triad (2-5) won't be in the playoffs this year, but they looked determined to make this game their own personal playoff Friday night in Jerseyville.

The Knights came out swinging Friday night as the sun and the temperature went down at game time. Ryan Eberhart made some big defensive plays including a sack, in the first half.

Quarterback Tyler Yates's nimbleness and quickness paid off in a drive that would result in a Chris Thomas 3 yard scamper, standing up into the endzone that would bring Triad with in 14 at the half. Jersey's head coach Bill Breden was visibly disturb by the step up of play on the visiting team towards the end of the second half and the lack of adjustment on the Panther's side. All this would change come the third quarter.

Anythoughts of an upset were quickly put to rest in the third quarter though. Jersey rattled off 27 points in the 3rd to invoke the 40 point rule on a now quite Triad team. Two fumble recoveries, one of which was a bobbled lateral that was returned promptly to the endzone by Greg Madson capped Jersey's scoring and the game.

Triad had it's second score come with just over 6 minutes left on a Yates to Luke Wells TD reception. The Triad play of the game had to be in the second quarter though. Tyler Yates was blind sided by a Jersey lineman as he rolled out to his right. The shot was a hard hit, but the defender failed to wrap up Yates on his way to the ground, Yates shot out like a pin ball, stumbled, regained his footing and scrambled for the 1st down, only to have the play called back on a clipping penalty.

Vincent Johnson



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Mississippi Valley
2004, 2002*, 2001*


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Head Coach:
Paul Bassler

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2006 Schedule

8/25 7:00 @
Belleville (Althoff) 1014.75
@ Lindenwood Stadium
9/1 7:00 H
Collinsville 2104.00
9/8 7:00 H
Mt. Vernon (H.S.) 1330.00
9/15 7:00 @
*Bethalto (Civic Memorial) 888.00
9/22 7:00 @
*Highland 1038.00
9/29 7:00 H
*Mascoutah 865.00
10/6 7:00 @
*Jerseyville (Jersey) 1043.00
10/13 7:00 H
*Waterloo (H.S.) 920.00
10/20 7:00 H
Centralia 1104.00


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