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Past 4A Champions

2005Addison (Driscoll)(14-0)
2004Lombard (Montini) (13-1)
2003Addison (Driscoll)(14-0)
2002Addison (Driscoll)(13-1)
2001Addison (Driscoll)(12-2)
2000 Joliet (Catholic)(14-0)
1999 Joliet (Catholic)(14-0)
1998Chatham (Glenwood)(14-)
1997New Lenox (Providence)(13-1)
1996New Lenox (Providence)(14-0)
1995New Lenox (Providence)(14-0)
1994Belvidere (12-2)
1993Chicago Heights (Marian Catholic) (14-0)
1992 Oswego (HS)(13-1)
1991New Lenox (Providence)(14-0)
1990 Joliet (Catholic)(14-0)
1989 Oak Lawn (Richards) (14-0)
1988 Oak Lawn (Richards) (14-0)
1987New Lenox (Providence)(13-1)
1986Tinley Park (H.S.)(12-2)
1985 Washington (13-1)
1984 Morris (13-0)
1983Woodstock (H.S.)(11-2)
1982 Geneseo(12-1)
1981Wheaton (North)(13-0)
1980Belleville (Althoff) (12-1)
1979Wheaton (North)(12-1)
1978 Joliet (Catholic)(13-0)
1977 Joliet (Catholic)(13-0)
1976 Joliet (Catholic)(12-1)
1975 Joliet (Catholic)(13-0)
1974Rockford (East) (13-0)



Welcome to Playoff Central. gives you an in depth look at how the playoffs may take shape, by putting you right in the middle of our information control room. We break down who we think is the best bet to win it all and who are the most likely challengers. We also give you a list of the dark horse teams, or sleepers. Those teams that are overlooked throughout the year, but may sneak up o you in the playoffs or those pesky 6-3 & 5-4 teams that don't know when to quit. You can also get the latest info on what games you shouldn't miss each round in "The Big Game" & who the best teams in the state are regardless of class "The Big 30".

Brackets & Scores
1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 5A / 6A / 7A / 8A

2006 Title Game Date & Time; Nov. 24th 4 pm

Last Years Champ; Addison (Driscoll)(14-0) Runner-up;Newton (12-2)

Favorites to win the title;Addison (Driscoll)8-1 &Newton 9-0
Other Title Threats;Fairbury (Prairie Central) 9-0,Palos Heights (Chicago Christian)9-0 &Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)9-0
The Dark Horses;Bloomington (Central Catholic)8-1 & Mt. Carmel 8-1,

Favorites to win the title;
Addison (Driscoll)8-1 - Even at 8-1 you can't count out the Highlanders as the favorites to win the 4A Title. With 5 titles in a row, the 6th is just a couple of games away. QB Phil Pedi leads this team on offense while junior LB Kevin Palermo is a presence on defense.

Newton 9-0 - The Eagles have been a scoring machine again. With a few offensive linemen back from last year's runner up team, the Eagles Will definitely be the team to beat in the southern bracket.

Other Title Threats;
Fairbury (Prairie Central) 9-0 - The Hawks battled their way through the Corn Belt conference this year to take the title out right. With a big victory over Bloomington Central Catholic in week 8, Prairie Central put themselves out as a front runner for the 4A title.

Palos Heights (Chicago Christian)9-0 - With the exception of the Knights 22-20 week 2 win over 5A playoff qualifier Bremen (6-3), they've won every game they've played soundly finishing the regular season with 33 point margin of victory.

Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)9-0 - The Grey Ghosts have benefited from a conference switch and have gone 9-0 in their first year in the NCIC. Unfortunately nobody else on their schedule beside Hall High School & Mendota had a good year leaving this team possibly a little short on some serious competition. With no such thing as an easy bracket in 4A, the Ghosts might be just that before they have a chance to prove they're a title threat.

The Dark Horses;
Bloomington (Central Catholic)8-1 - With the Saints two biggest games coming back to back at the end of the regular season, there are mixed results on how well they will fair in this years playoffs. Without a truly convincing win against a serious playoff team, the Saints seem likely for an upset and with a 1st round game against 7-2 Stillman Valley, the Saints won't be getting any breaks as they could be facing nothing but private schools until the semi finals if they were to win their first game. If DL Josh Brent can force some turnovers the Saints might go marching to Champaign.

Mt. Carmel 8-1 - The Golden Aces could be the best kept secret in Indiana. While playing all but 2 games against Indiana opponents Mt. Carmel has managed to sneak into the playoffs at 8-1 basically without giving away a glimpse of it's talent to any future playoff opponents.






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