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2007 Schedule

8/26 7:00 N
Chicago (St. Rita)
@ Soldier Field
8/31 7:00 @
North Chicago
9/7 3:30 H
Chicago (Mather)
@ Stagg Stadium
9/13 7:00 @
*Chicago (Dunbar)
@ Gately Stadium
9/22 7:00 @
*Chicago (Hubbard)
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 7:00 H
*Chicago (Morgan Park)
@ Gately Stadium
10/5 7:00 H
*Chicago (Hyde Park)
@ Gately Stadium
10/12 3:30 H
*Chicago (C. Vocational)
@ Gately Stadium

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Eckersall Stadium
Gateley Stadium
Hanson Stadium
Lane Stadium
Rochne Stadium
Stagg Stadium
Winnemac Park



Week #3 Chicago (Lane Tech) (1-2)

Simeon Gets Revenge

Chicago (Gately Stadium) - Simeon faced Lane Tech twice last year, once in the regular season and then again in the Chicago Public League playoffs. In both cases, Lane handily pounded Simeon. So when Simeon (2-1) faced Lane (1-2) again today at the South Side in Gately Stadium, they were eager for revenge. This time the results went in Simeon's favor when they prevailed 19-6 over Lane Tech.

The game didn't begin favorably for Simeon when they returned the opening kickoff for a touch down but it got returned on a Simeon holding penalty. After a loss on downs by Simeon, Lane began their first drive on their own 30.

After a 24 yard run by Lane Tech star running back William Moorhead (21 carries, 114 yards) and a 27 yard catch by receiver Brian Sullivan, Lane was in position for their first score. That was until Lane Quarterback Matt Richard fumbled and turned the ball over on the Simeon 15. Simeon had a quick 3 and out though and Lane would get the ball again at the Simeon 40.

An incredible 27 yard reception by Lane Tech receiver Xavier Torres put Lane on the Simeon 2 yard line. But Lane failed to score after being pushed back by two penalties and a Simeon sack. That, in short was the story for Lane all day. Costly penalties and untimely turnovers (5 for Lane to Simeon's 0), coupled with big plays by Simeon, was the primary cause for their defeat.

The only bright point for Lane today was a 2 yard Touchdown run by Xavier Torres with 2:20 left in the first half. Simeon on the other hand relied on big plays to score their points. Their points came from a 76 yard Touchdown punt return, a 30 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Nattiel Perkins(6'1" 190lb), and an 81 yard touchdown run by quarterback Jack Ramsey(5'10" 180lb).

Lane should still be a par to make the playoffs though, as they start play in a eaiser than normalChicago Public, Illini (Red Bird)Conference. The only challenge they will face this year is CVS. But after the loss to Simeon today, their chances of repeating as city champions is now to be questioned.

With the win, Simeon heads into their conference on a high note. The Illini Prairie State conference is the toughest conference in the Chicago Public League with powerhouses Morgan Park and Hubbard.

Their win today puts them in position to make the playoffs this year and make a statement to Hubbard and Morgan Park they are a team to contend with. With the good showing of talented sophomore quarterback Jack Ramsey, he may take over the heights of Public League quarterbacks after the highly touted University of Illinois bound Isaiah Williams of CVS and Notre Dame bound Demetrius Jones of Morgan Park graduate this year. Next year may be Jack Ramsey time.

by Neil Hernandez


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2006 Schedule

8/26 3:30 @
Oak Park (Fenwick) 1907.40
@ Soldier Field
9/1 7:00 @
Bolingbrook 3447.00
9/9 7:00 @
Chicago (Lane Tech) 7058.70
@ Lane Stadium
9/14 7:00 H
*Chicago (Dunbar) 1627.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/22 7:00 H
*Chicago (Hubbard) 1675.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 3:30 @
*Chicago (Julian) 1959.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/7 7:00 @
*Chicago (Morgan Park) 2112.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/13 7:00 @
*Chicago (C. Vocational) 2030.00
@ Gately Stadium

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:30 @
Dixon (H.S.) 1059.00
9/1 7:00 @
Chicago (C. Vocational) 2335.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/10 3:00 H
Chicago (Lane Tech) 7279.80
@ Gately Stadium
9/16 3:30 H
*Chicago (Hyde Park) 1844.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/24 7:00 @
*Chicago (Hubbard) 1620.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 3:30 H
*Chicago (Julian) 1925.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/8 7:00 H
*Chicago (Morgan Park) 2085.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/14 7:00 @
*Chicago (Dunbar) 1676.00
@ Gately Stadium

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