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2007 Schedule

8/26 7:00 N
Chicago (St. Rita)
@ Soldier Field
8/31 7:00 @
North Chicago
9/7 3:30 H
Chicago (Mather)
@ Stagg Stadium
9/13 7:00 @
*Chicago (Dunbar)
@ Gately Stadium
9/22 7:00 @
*Chicago (Hubbard)
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 7:00 H
*Chicago (Morgan Park)
@ Gately Stadium
10/5 7:00 H
*Chicago (Hyde Park)
@ Gately Stadium
10/12 3:30 H
*Chicago (C. Vocational)
@ Gately Stadium

#### - Enrollment
*Conference Game

Stadium Directions
Eckersall Stadium
Gateley Stadium
Hanson Stadium
Lane Stadium
Rochne Stadium
Stagg Stadium
Winnemac Park


Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

Week #7 vs.Chicago (Morgan Park) 6-1


Simeon's Jack Ramsey (QB 5'10 180 so.), tries to find some open room against teh Morgan Park defense on Saturday.

Mustangs Survive Scare

Chicago (Gately Stadium) - Simeon's Fabias Shipman (RB 5'8 150 jr.) help put a scare into Morgan Park on Saturday, as his 80 yard touchdown run on Simeon's second possession of the night, helped give the Wolverines the lead through most of the game.

The Wolverines' defense had been a thorn in Morgan Park's side most of the night. All-Star Demetrius Jones was 1 of 11 for 5 yards in the first half passing, with Simeon's defensives backs swatting away or covering his receivers pretty good. Jones, did manage to get 54 yards rushing, along with Daijuan Soloman's 51 on 10 carries, but with 70 yards of penalties in the first half, the Mustangs seemed to keep giving away any field position they had gained as both teams brought out their punt teams several times.

While Simeon's 50 yard in penalties for the game, was far less than Morgan Park's 120. A couple of bad snaps for Simeon, that forced their punter Deron Gaines to down the ball on more than one occasion. Set the Mustangs up with great field position. The Mustang defense also put the clamps down as the often do, holding 3 of all put 1 of the 7 Simeon players who had a carry, to either less than 10 yards total or negative yardage.

The Mustang's blitz would send sophomore QB Jack Ramsey, to the ground for a sack several times, most of them thanks to Austin Cook, who recorded 3 sacks. So while Ramsey's 77 yards passing out did Notre Dame bound Jones, his -51 yards rushing was a result of numerous sacks by Morgan Park.

With just over 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the Mustangs put together a drive that would be capped off by a 4 yard Soloman run. The issuing 2 point attempt would give Morgan Park the only lead they needed for the rest of the night.

A spectacular 15 yard reception, that Chris James, made with one hand before using a spin move to shake a defender to slip into the endzone for a TD would be his only one of the night. After a failed 2 point conversion, due mainly to a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration in the endzone, would have the Mustangs up 14-7.

While the Mustang faithful may have been a little nervous being up just 7 points, an injured Soloman, getting helped off the field with 4 minutes left an empty spot as his 138 yards rushing had been the back bone of the Mustang offense on Saturday. But stepping in for Soloman, was sophomore Antonio Ball (RB 5'6 180) who would fly past everyone soon after stepping on to the field, for a 52 yard TD run. Sealing the game for Morgan Park 20-7 and helping them clinch at least a share of the Chicago Public League Prairie State Conference championship.

by Vincent Johnson

Two Wolverine defenders wrap up quarterback Demetrius Jones at the line of scrimmage. The Wolverine defense did shut out Morgan Park in the first half of Saturday's 20-7 loss.

2005 Week #3 recap

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Team Accomplishments

State Champs

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Prep Bowl
2003 Runner-up
2000 Runner-up
1986 Runner-up

Conference Champs
Chicago Public, Illini (Prairie State)2006*
CPL-Illini South 1999


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Football Enrollment:

Chicago Public, Illini (Prairie State)


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Head Coach:
Jesse Chick

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2006 Schedule

8/26 3:30 @
Oak Park (Fenwick) 1907.40
@ Soldier Field
9/1 7:00 @
Bolingbrook 3447.00
9/9 7:00 @
Chicago (Lane Tech) 7058.70
@ Lane Stadium
9/14 7:00 H
*Chicago (Dunbar) 1627.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/22 7:00 H
*Chicago (Hubbard) 1675.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 3:30 @
*Chicago (Julian) 1959.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/7 7:00 @
*Chicago (Morgan Park) 2112.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/13 7:00 @
*Chicago (C. Vocational) 2030.00
@ Gately Stadium

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:30 @
Dixon (H.S.) 1059.00
9/1 7:00 @
Chicago (C. Vocational) 2335.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/10 3:00 H
Chicago (Lane Tech) 7279.80
@ Gately Stadium
9/16 3:30 H
*Chicago (Hyde Park) 1844.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/24 7:00 @
*Chicago (Hubbard) 1620.00
@ Gately Stadium
9/29 3:30 H
*Chicago (Julian) 1925.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/8 7:00 H
*Chicago (Morgan Park) 2085.00
@ Gately Stadium
10/14 7:00 @
*Chicago (Dunbar) 1676.00
@ Gately Stadium

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