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2004 Fans of the week !

Hey, we know it takes more to make a football game than just 22 guys in pads and leather balls.

This page is for the fans & cheerleaders who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Week #5
Wilmette (Loyola Academy)

While the Ramblers fans didn't have a lot to celebrate after the game, you can't go wrong with face & body paint if you're trying to make the fan of the week page.

Week #4
Chicago (Hope)

Most high school football fans don't even realize there's games going on at 11am on Saturdays in Chicago. So how can we not make Hope Mighty Eagles' mom Penitria Edmond (right) the fan of the week when she's bringin' out the grub for the guys after the game. If you want an extra helping, it might help to take it easy on her son #14.

Week #3
Decatur (St. Teresa) orArgenta (A.-Oreana)
Both sides won on representing the sidelines, as the field at St. Teresa was at overflow capacity, with fans standing just inches out of the endzone on both sides. Wether or not you think the "Dog Pound" should be the Fans of the Week or the "Bomber Girls", it doesn't matter as everyone at this game got to witness a classic match up that came down to the wire with St. Teresa edgeing out A-O by a single point.

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