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2000 Fans of the week !

Hey, we know it takes more to make a football game than just 22 guys in pads and leather balls.

This page is for the fans & cheerleaders who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Week #14

(1A) Sciota (Northwestern-LaHarpe) Body paint and correct spelling always gets a photo op.

(2A) No spelling here just a good time for Tolono (Unity) fans.

(3A) Harrisburg players rush the stands? Yep. Thanking the fans for a great season.

(4A) Half naked, wet & coldJoliet (Catholic)fans.
Hey they just won the state title, not to mention being responsible for the 5A champs only defeat.
So what if these end up spending Thanksgiving with their doctor.

(5A) Stand by your man took on a whole new meaning for theChicago (Mt. Carmel)Cheerleaders.
The endured the heaviest part of an all day down pour, just to cheer on their team.

(6A) Park Ridge (Maine South) may have had the largest crowd stray out from under the balcony at UofI,
but there was no doubt that they stayed around the longest.
Ushers were still asking fans to leave as all but one of the stadium lights were shut off.

Week #12

Some fans go over the top and bring everything & the kitchen sink to the games.
In Seneca they just roll up a locomotive on the tracks in the endzone.

Week #11
Downers Grove (South)

It's a tie between the Mustang guys & girls.

Week #6

Week #5

Blake Stadel & Aaron Anderson
Game time temp. 55. Chance of rain 40%. What are they doing?
Taking turns painting on their team's jerseys.

Week #4


Week #3
Kankakee (McNamara)

Paul Walsh ('70)
Grilling brats and dogs for all takers just past the north endzone before Mac's home game vs. Marist.
Even offered one up for our camera man.

Week #2
Joliet (Catholic High)

Super fans Sarah Theobald & Melanie Russum.
We're not sure what it says about sofas in the endzone in the IHSA rule book?

Week #1
Park Ridge (Maine South)

Cheerleader Sarah Siegel & the Maine South bleachers.
Maine South fans were acting like it was the state finals in this double OT thriller.

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